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Wholesale Baseball/Bomber Jacket

Step up your style game with our fashionable bomber jackets and baseball jackets. We always have the in-season looks that are trending right now. These jackets are perfect for keeping out the wind, cold and rain- a perfect combination of functional and fashionable styles.

We offer a variety of baseball and bomber jackets, designed to appeal to a wide range of fashion trends and personal tastes. Floral prints, camouflage, solid colours and other options are all available all year long. We update our inventory all the time so you always have something exciting to fill your shopping cart with. Come back and check with us daily to find new looks you will love in jackets and more wholesale clothing selections.

From Military Wear to Modern Fashion

Like many fashionable coats, the bomber jacket began as a military tradition, usually worn by airplane pilots. The jackets had to be durable and warm enough to withstand a lot of wear and tear and protect the pilots from the elements, but they also needed to be comfortable enough to not impede their work. Many of the modern versions are much more form-fitting and less puffy, but are still incredibly functional.

The very best fashion manages to straddle the line between form and function, looking great and feeling even better. We only choose the finest styles in wholesale clothing. Despite its roots as a military jacket, the modern bomber jacket can be as stylish as any cocktail dress. Many of the modern touches on this jacket- such as prints, bright colours and body-hugging designs- embrace the varied styles of today’s consumer. No one has to feel left out or feel like there is no jacket of this type that is not made for them.

A Variety of Unique Styles

At Catwalk Fashion, we make sure that our customers are given a wide selection of styles. Not all of our consumers are looking for a form-fitting, brightly coloured look when they shop for bomber jackets and baseball jackets. That is why we have a wide selection that encompasses a huge array of styles and personal tastes. We know that some very popular looks are not for everyone, and we embrace a wide range of styles.

Many of our bomber jackets and baseball jackets are of the more conventional variety, with puffy features, a darker tone and very simple designs. We know these appeal to many of our consumers as well and we work to stock a range of styles that we think our customers will enjoy browsing. We understand our customers come from many different parts of the world and have very different personal styles, and we work hard to accommodate them all.

In order to do that, we stock our store daily with new trending fashions. You will find something new and delightful each day as you browse our store, so we urge you to keep checking back with us to see what has been added.

We make sure our sections are priced at low wholesale clothing UK rates, so you never have to pay a lot to benefit from our huge inventory. While we do offer a lot of the latest trends in the industry, we don’t charge the prices of high end boutiques and name brand designers who are essentially selling the same clothes. We make sure our entire stock is priced affordably and that our customers can shop with us without feeling guilty about it. We know you can find a look that’s perfect for you, and we do not want you to have to pay a lot for that look.

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Only one code can be used per order. If you would like to change the code you have entered, select "remove" and then enter a new code.