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Wholesale Co Ordinates

Our matching co-ordinate outfits make the perfect ensembles for when you want to match from head to toe. These two-piece sets are style champions, giving you a perfectly paired look that is simply adorable. You can go either casual or very chic and modern with co-ordinate outfits. We offer a variety of styles so you can find the right outfit for the look you want to have.

Our online store is full of wholesale clothing UK choices that you will enjoy sorting through. You will see new styles and options showcased daily, as we keep our inventory fresh. The hottest new trends can be found at Mary Jane Fashion, and we make sure they are affordable for our customers. Our goal is to provide every woman with the style she wants at a price she can afford. Our wholesale co-ordinates and a great selection of other fashionable clothing ensure you can find what you are looking for.

Take the Style in a New Direction

While co-ordinates look great together as a matching set, we know some people like to mix things up every now and then. Taking two co-ordinate outfits and mixing the tops and bottoms creates a bold clash of colour and patterns. You can create a look that is truly unique and show off your bold sense of style. Pairing up clashing prints or colours can create an asymmetrical appearance that you can be sure no one else is doing.

Or you can pair a matching co-ordinate outfit with clashing shoes or accessories, creating a beautiful colour palette across your body. There are all sorts of different directions you can take this look, and we encourage you to have a few in your wardrobe so you can have some fun with them and try new looks out. We have made sure the prices are affordable, offering high fashion choices at wholesale clothing prices. You should be able to easily buy quite a few and not break the bank, thanks to our competitive prices.

The Perfect Combination

A matching two-piece is simple to throw on and look great in. You don’t have to think about what you are going to wear as a top or a bottom for you outfit, which makes it a breeze when you need a last minute clothing option. Our outfits are versatile enough to go with an assortment of hats, shoes and accessories, so it is easy to find the co-ordinate that pairs well with what you already have.

Sheer fabric two-pieces gives you something to style over your regular outfits, and colour blocked styles are perfect for any season. Co-ordinates are the ultimate style staple, since they make dressing up so simple. Every woman should have at least a few of these in her wardrobe for a quick outfit selection.

What is so great about co-ordinates is that the top and bottom work as one. You do not have to worry about matching them up or getting just the right mesh of colours. It is all taken care of for you. We have such a huge selection that it should be easy to find a pattern, colour and style that you are happy with and that fits with your sense of style.

We recommend buying a few of the same co-ordinates, so you can go in matching outfits with your sisters, or girlfriends to make a fabulous group entrance wherever you go. These matching two-pieces are the ultimate in fun styles that, while ideal for spring and summer, can really work for any season, if you pair them up with some more of our great wholesale clothing choices.

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Only one code can be used per order. If you would like to change the code you have entered, select "remove" and then enter a new code.