Wholesale Blazers

You can stock up on sophisticated and stylish blazers at Mary Jane Fashion. Our wide selection of ladies coats, cardigans and blazers gives you everything you need to be able to complete you outfit. From softest cashmere to comfortable cotton, we have a variety for you to choose from. You can easily fill up a closet with all the great designs we have available in our store.

Whether you need a blazer for a formal occasion or one that needs to pair with jeans and boots, we have the right one for you. Our inventory includes the latest fashions- those worn by celebrities and fashion icons that always seem to know how to choose the right outfits. You will find those trendy looks at our store every day, and we keep our store up to date so that you never have to be without the latest hotness.

Casual or FormalThe design of the blazer provides a relaxed fit conventionally, but many modern twists on the classic design are giving consumers more form-fitting options if they want them. We have both the modern and traditional blazer looks available here, as well as options for formal or casual occasions. If you are attending an important event, a stylish lapel one-button, long sleeve blazer would be perfect, paired with slacks, a dress or a skirt. Finish off your look with stylish heels, and you have a look that means all business.

For the more casual occasions, such as a night out with your friends or just a day of lounging about the city, you can go with fitted blazer with a ¾ sleeve. This partially-sleeved look practically says that you are not taking things too seriously, but it is still a fashionable look, and one that is often rocked by Kim Kardashian and other fashion icons. It pairs perfectly with some designer jeans and flats.

No matter what look you are going for, we have it available for you. Even if you cannot find the look you want, we still have more options that might suit your fancy later. Our stock is updated on a regular basis, and we ask you to check back with us each day to see what’s new. You may just find the prefect look very soon.

Get What You Want, for Less

The looks you are searching for are all right here at Mary Jane Fashion. We are selling wholesale clothing at unbeatable prices. You may find lower prices, but you will not find such affordably priced clothes of such high quality that are also matching the current trends. Our styles come straight from the catwalks and fashion shows of the world. We watch what celebrities and fashionistas are wearing and let you emulate those looks with nearly identical items.

The wholesale clothing UK stock we carry is all meant to be easy on your check book but trendy and head turning as well. That is not always an easy combination to pull off, but if you look at your stock of blazers, coats, and other apparel, you will see that is what we have done.

This is an inventory that rotates as styles change. We add in tons of new inventory items with each new season, so you can always find the perfect look for that time of year. You will not find a wider range of on-point fashion wholesale clothing anywhere else. Our store is brimming with great looks that you will want to have. Check back daily to see what we have added or to find great new ways to showcase your personal style.

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Only one code can be used per order. If you would like to change the code you have entered, select "remove" and then enter a new code.
Only one code can be used per order. If you would like to change the code you have entered, select "remove" and then enter a new code.